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The family’s getting bigger? Congrats!

Looking for a more spacious home?

Explore the new and modern living style of a duplex house design that offers two living units attached to each other. Extremely suitable for new families or large families, it offers a sense of high living with more amenities and a lot of space.

Kurmond Homes are among the best duplex home builders Sydney. Their modern duplex house design offers your family the most comfortable, spacious, and perfect place to grow and create a lifetime of memories. You can choose to live in it or rent or better yet: n even do Both! A great investment and peaceful home, our homes are the reflection of our passion to deliver a high standard of living. The best part is we come in so many shapes and sizes, you are going to be spoilt for choices. Check out the designs offered by our talented home builders in Sydney:

  1. Oak 36:Total Area: 337.61m2
    With six bedrooms, five bathrooms and a two-car garage space, the rear of the house is dominated by the open-plan family living area. When in need of some peace and quiet, head to the front living room. The well-appointed bedrooms and huge master suite are accessible through a centrally located stairway.
  2. Norfolk 52:Total Area: 483.03m2
    With eight bedrooms, five bathrooms and two-car garage space, this space are perfect for your family and kids. The highly attractive U-shaped kitchen with handy servery will likely become your favourite spot in the house.
  3. Lennox 50:Total Area: 460.5m2
    This one has eight bedrooms, five bathrooms and a two-car garage space. If you enjoy practical usage of space, you’re in for a treat. Its stylish architectural design is balanced on two levels- ground level for your family time and upstairs for relaxation.
  4. Kensington 46:Total Area: 428.16m2
    Kensington offers you eight bedrooms, five bathrooms and a two-car garage space. There is a living room right at the entrance with a study. The kitchen, dining, and family area give ample space to create memories with friends and relatives.
  5. Forest Glen 52:Total Area:488.88m2
    With eight bedrooms, six bathrooms and two-car garage space, this is the perfect place for you to live with your family and kids! Unit 1 and 2 are identical, mirror versions of each other. With a compact study at the entrance, it has a media room with a spacious kitchen and dining area perfectly suitable for your kids to run around!
  6. Castlereagh 46:Total Area: 427.56m2
    This modern-day design offers you eight bedrooms, five bathrooms and a two-car garage space. Perfect for investment, it has an innovative use of space, yet a very practical structure.
  7. Redleaf 39:Total Area: 362.55m2
    With six bedrooms, four bathrooms and two-car garage space, this space is suitable for new families. It efficiently uses the floor space with a bench area in the kitchen and a room for a walk-in pantry. The bedrooms are light, airy, and spacious.

Kurmond Homes provides you with smart and efficient home designs. We offer the perfect luxury and style with a hint of modernity, at par with the new home builders in Sydney. Our experienced professionals have a unique freshness that makes the most of new and old. Check out more of our astounding and wonderful designs here.

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