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Dual Living Home Designs & Builders in Sydney

Advantages of Dual Living House Plans

A dual living house plan is a smart idea when you are building a new home. This type of home refers to a single building on a piece of property that is designed with two separate living spaces.


Allowing two families to live in the home simultaneously while maintaining their own privacy. There are a number of important advantages to dual living.

Increasing in Popularity

As the Australian population ages and shifts to urbanised areas, the popularity of dual living home designs in Sydney is increasing. These dwellings have been popular in the United States for years, known as duplexes or multi-family houses, and are now gaining popularity in Australian capital cities like Melbourne and Sydney. These homes are particularly appealing for students, young professionals, and the elderly population.

Benefits of Dual Living Home Designs

There are a number of benefits to dual living homes that benefit homeowners of all ages and stages of life.

  • One of the most significant advantages is that you are only required to make one strata payment, which basically provides you with a two for one deal. This arrangement is advantageous for a number of life situations.
  • With the ability to own two residences in a single location, you have multiple revenue-generating options with a dual living home. You can lease both of the premises simultaneously, or you can move into one and rent the other, allowing your tenant to effectively make your house payment for you.
  • Australia’s aging population means that a number of seniors are in need of safe and affordable housing. A popular option is for elderly parents to live in a dual housing unit with their children, enabling both parties to maintain their privacy while remaining in safe, close proximity.
  • A dual living house plan usually carries low maintenance costs. Those who live there generally have to pay only a single set of bills since they are on the same property.
  • Families with older children who are not yet financially capable of living on their own can benefit from this type of house plan, providing a sense of independence and privacy for a young adult while maintaining a significant cost benefit.
  • Young couples may find this type of house to be a smart investment as they can live in either part of the house and rent the other, allowing for generating income with minimal effort.

Investment Potential

There are significant investment benefits to dual living home designs in Sydney. Investors will realize stamp duty savings and tax benefits. The build itself is simple, with one construction and design team working on a project that basically results in two houses for the effort and price of one. Rental expectations in a dual living home are generally lower per rental unit because the property is shared, but the double rent usually adds up to more than the one rent that would be obtained from a traditional single storey home.

The buying and selling process is also more flexible for potential investors because you can maintain the title while renting out one or both of the property’s dwellings. Holding on to the property long-term can also generate solid capital growth, as dual living home designs will usually sell for more per square foot due to the flexibility of the floorplan, rental income potential, and multitude of usage options.

The vast number of benefits to a dual living house plan makes it a smart choice for a primary residence or for an investment property. The flexibility to rent a unit for significant income potential or to use it to provide additional privacy for older children or to keep aging family members close make this an attractive option for people at all stages of life.

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