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Acreage Living - Why It May Be Right for Your Lifestyle

When you’re planning for your future and making decisions about your next home, an acreage home design plan may be appealing. If you’ve always lived in the city or the suburbs, the rural lifestyle may be something to adjust you.


Living in a home that has a large amount of land may prove to be the right choice for your lifestyle. Here are some factors to consider with a home on acreage.

Quiet, Peaceful Address

A big draw to living out in the bush is the peace and quiet. Homeowners who opt for an acreage home design build-out in a rural area don’t have to worry about traffic sounds, noisy neighbours and other loud sounds. Acreage home builders Sydney provide home buyers with home plans for rustic settings to get away from the busy routine in the city and the suburbs.

Plenty of Space for You and Your Family

New home designs Sydney that are part of acreage living also offer much more space for you and your family. Rural home settings aren’t as limited by their square footage as cramped flat buildings and planned neighbourhood builds in the suburbs. Home designers can get more flexibility to offer larger rooms and more living space.

More Storage Possibilities

More space also means better storage options. With a larger home in the country, you can also get places to store big-ticket items, such as motorbikes, recreational vehicles, farm equipment and trailers. Acreage home designs Sydney in rural settings allow homeowners to also build other freestanding structures, such as sheds, barns and garages.

Closer to Nature

A home with some acreage also puts you closer to nature. If you love seeing the wildlife graze on your lawn each dawn and dusk, a home in the country gives you a front-row view. You may see kangaroos, wombats, birds or other wild creatures in your yard.

Incredible Night Sky

Choosing a property from acreage home builders Sydney also gives you a way to see the raw night sky every evening when the sun goes down. Light pollution from the city’s lights can disappear and give you a stunning sky full of gorgeous stars when you live out in the country.

Entertaining Options

If you live on a larger plot of land, you can also have much more fun entertaining guests for parties and other events. Acreage home designs Sydney give you more options for having lots of people over. You don’t have to worry as much about disturbing neighbours, running out of parking spots and not having enough room for people to spread out.

Longer Commute

While there are lots of benefits to living out in the country, there are also some challenges. You’ll likely have a longer commute if you commit to acreage living. Most places in the country are not close to freeways and business centres.

Farther Away from Shops and Restaurants

Additionally, your home’s rural location may also give you a longer drive when going to the shops, restaurants and other places. Homeowners in the country may also have fewer choices when it comes to delivery of food and packages.

More Maintenance Tasks

A home on acres of land also may need more maintenance. Instead of city water and sewer, it’s likely your home will have its own septic tank and well system. You’ll need to take care of mowing a lawn that is much larger than a typical yard. You may need to purchase a riding mower and other supplies to maintain your land and property.
If you want the luxury of more space and the freedom of owning a large expanse of land, acreage living may be the right choice for you. An acreage home design could give you the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

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