Split Level Home Designs for Sloping Blocks Sydney
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Split Level Home Designs Sydney

Have you got a sloping block and need a split level design? At Kurmond Homes we can do anything. All of our beautiful homes can be tailored to suit your block of land. Simply choose one of our stunning designs and we will customize it specially for you. Start planning your dream home today, all you have to do is ask.

A Flexible Floor Plan for the Real World

Although traditional single or double story home layouts will always be popular, the old tried-and-true house floor plan sometimes just doesn’t work well for your family or piece of land.


There are times when you need a home plan with a little something “extra,” be it a bonus room, a playroom for the kids or that guest bedroom which can double as a home office. Families need to fit more and more activities and functions into their homes these days, but what do you do if a house plan with all the space you need doesn’t quite fit on your lot?

A split level home design can provide a thoughtful use of space, giving you a home that is constructed with practical considerations and functionality in mind. However, who is to say that functionality can’t be fun! In addition to making the most of the available physical footprint of your home, a multi-level house puts a unique stamp on your home’s design, and one that can often feel more family-friendly than a traditional floor plan.

Our duplex designs in Sydney can incorporate all the bedrooms, storage and gathering space you need while giving your home a special look and feel that makes it truly yours. Plus, a split level house design is ideal for creating a home that feels like a part of the surrounding landscape, an increasingly attractive feature as more families want to live in tune with the environment.

The Expertise to Meet Your Needs and Budget

Split level home designs in Sydney are an increasingly popular way to get around a site’s construction challenges. Kurmond Homes has the design and construction experience to create a home layout that works, combined with a dedication to quality that will make your home a real source of pride. From our first contact with you to the final walk-through, our top goal is to ensure that you are delighted with your home.

Our skilled design and construction professionals will apply their expertise to the specific obstacles posed by your building site, in order to help you select and customise the split level house design to fit your lifestyle and your land. What’s more, we can be trusted to be continually mindful of the limits of your house budget. Kurmond Homes will always keep the focus on creating the home that perfectly fits you, giving you exactly the features that make your house feel like home, rather than pushing “upgrades” that increase your cost but have nothing to do with how you family actually lives.

We approach your project with the mindset that no construction problem is too big and no design detail too small. At Kurmond Homes, we approach all projects, whether traditional layouts or duplex designs in Sydney, with the same quest for perfection and commitment to service.

We want to help you put your dream home on your real-world plot of land, and our split level home design options can allow that dream to come true. Even if you think there is a mismatch between how you want to live in your house and where your house is going to be located, we believe there is a plan that can put the house you want on the site you have. At Kurmond Homes, we apply our architectural excellence to split level home designs in Sydney and the surrounding area. When you are ready to work with a company that can take your ideal home out of your fantasies and set it down on the ground in front of you, please visit our Contact page for more information.

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