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6 Things You Must Understand When Building a Double Storey Home

Building your own home gives you the freedom to create a house with the features and style you want. A double storey home makes efficient use of your land. Understanding the following aspects of designing and building a house can help you create the double storey home of your dreams.


1. Sticking With Your Budget

Building a new home whilst maintaining a budget can be complicated. You may have to make some compromises regarding the features and materials you use. Some upgrades, such as luxury finishes, do not significantly boost your home’s value when it comes time to sell. Instead, look for double storey house designs that balance affordability with quality. Underestimating the time and cost involved in constructing a new home can lead to frustration and impatience.

2. Choosing the Right Inclusions

Part of creating your double story house plans involves examining the standard inclusions and additions that your home builder offers. Different builders include a variety of features in their house plans, and inclusions influence how you structure your budget. Aspects of home design like windows, doors, flooring and ceilings are often considered inclusions. Some builders also classify heating and air condition systems and kitchen appliances as inclusions. You should also look into how external features like the driveway and roofing are built.

3. Purchasing a Plot of Land

major aspect of building a new home includes finding and buying a plot of land. In some regions, land can make up a large portion of the expense of building a new house. Double storey house designs Sydney are desirable because they give homeowners more living space on smaller sites. Consider the additional cost of clearing the area. Whether you have got to demolish a preexisting structure or remove rocks or trees, you may have to put some resources into preparing your land for building. You must also examine the utilities connected to the site, such as electricity, water and sewage.

4. Weather and Climate Control

When selecting potential double storey house designs Sydney, it’s crucial to consider climate control. Warm weather can be a problem in double storey homes because heat rises. Your builder can use features that keep your home cooler during the summer months, enabling you to save money on cooling costs. Insulation between floors in double storey house designs can contribute to energy conservation. North facing windows should have coverings to minimise excess summer sun whilst allowing light to enter the home in the winter. Your builder can also place windows across from one another to allow for better ventilation.

5. Design and Finishing Touches

You also must choose which finishing items to use when building a new home. You should select features you can enjoy for years. However, it’s also important to take care not to exceed your budget with luxury upgrades to your double story house plans. This includes interior design features like fixtures, lighting, wall colours and window treatments. There are also exterior finishing items like decks, fences and landscaping to consider. Your builder can show you a variety of double storey house designs and advise you on how to finish your home.

6. Hiring Quality, Reliable Builders

Finding the right builders can help you achieve your desired results when building your new house. Research various home builders in Sydney and compare the services they offer. Your builders should be reliable, honest and professional. Examine their credentials and experience before you make your choice. Your builders should also have the appropriate insurance and liability coverage needed when designing and building a new house.

Although home building can be a complex process, you can build a double-storey house that fulfils your desires with the right builders and a clear plan. If you’re interested in designing your own home in Sydney, contact Kurmond Homes.

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