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Explore Kurmond’s Single Storey Display Homes in Sydney

Are you looking for a single-storey home, Sydney? Home sweet home! A place to call your own, more than just bricks and stone? Okay, enough with the rhyming, but we have got something for house hunters. Kurmond has quite a collection of exciting single-storey home designs for you to pick from. These houses are not […]

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What is the Modern Duplex House Design in Sydney?

The family’s getting bigger? Congrats! Looking for a more spacious home? Explore the new and modern living style of a duplex house design that offers two living units attached to each other. Extremely suitable for new families or large families, it offers a sense of high living with more amenities and a lot of space. […]

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What architectural style is a split-level home?

From the colonial era of the early 1800s to the art deco look of the 1930s, a house’s architectural style is often representative of a period in history. The modern era of the 1950s introduced different types of home layouts. Among these was the split-level home. Associated with mid-century modern design, split-level homes are buildings […]

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Is Investing in a Duplex in Sydney a Good Idea?

If you have a piece of property and are looking to build a home, you should consider investing in a duplex home instead of a single-family. A duplex will maximise the potential of your land. Since it does not require subdivision, as two separate homes would, the biggest advantage of building a duplex is the […]

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Looking for a New Home Builder in Sydney, Australia?

A home is probably one of your largest investments. Because you will spend much time and money on it over the years, it is important to get the home you want. Building your own home is a great way to create a home that has everything you need now and will need in the future. […]

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