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Knock Down Rebuild Specialists

If you love where you live but no longer love your house, it’s time for a knock down rebuild project with Kurmond Homes. If you knock down and rebuild on your existing block, you get to stay in the neighbourhood you know and love but gain a new home.

You skip the headaches associated with a renovation and instead start with a blank canvas to create your family’s dream home. You might also solve the problems associated with housing your multi-generation family and pool the family’s resources.

Choose from Kurmond’s many home designs in Sydney including of single-storey, acreage, dual living, duplex and double-storey homes, and customise it to your needs. Start your knock down rebuild journey with us today.

It has been a pleasant experience dealing with Kurmond Homes for our knock down rebuild. 
They have plenty of market knowledge and always has been a phone call away. I would consider myself a picky customer and the patience they have shown is commendable. – Mohammed and Synthia, Macquarie Fields

Benefits of a knock down rebuild in Sydney

There are many reasons why you should consider knocking down your house and rebuilding, including:

Stay in the same location and community with a knock down rebuild

You and your family stay in the community that you know and love. Your kids can go to the same schools, you can visit the same shops and services, and socialise with the same friendly neighbours. But the best part is you’ll be replacing your old outdated house, building a new Kurmond home and staying in your familiar surroundings.

Start with a blank canvas for your brand new home

When you demolish and rebuild you start with a blank canvas. If you renovated your existing house you’d have to compromise to get the home you want. By building new with Kurmond Homes you can have all the things you and your family want – the right number of bedrooms, living areas and more.

Use the latest materials and technology when you demolish and rebuild

The Australian building industry is constantly improving and by building a new home you can incorporate the latest materials and technology. Through its partnerships, Kurmond can access the latest building materials and fittings. You can also build a more energy-efficient home that will save you money as well as help the environment.

Improve your resale value over your existing house

Building a new home in an established suburb often improves the resale value of your property beyond the cost to rebuild your home. Land values in Sydney continue to rise so improving the home standing on that land is a sound investment in your family’s future.

Pool family resources with a multi-generation home

A knock down rebuild project with Kurmond is an ideal way to house a multi-generation family, to meet your current and future needs. You can build a purpose-built home for several generations of the same family in a dual living or duplex home. You can also pool the family funds so you can build a high-quality home with a builder like Kurmond Homes.

Knocking down and rebuilding can be cheaper than renovating

The knock down rebuild costs can be cheaper or similar in price to renovating. For a renovation, you’ll have to budget for labour expenses, materials, permits and council fees, design fees, inspection costs, repayments for any loans, and the inevitable unexpected issues. With a knock down rebuild you’ll know your timeline, processes and budget right from the beginning.


Why trust Kurmond to demolish your home and rebuild 

We knock down and rebuild in Sydney and surrounds. We have worked hard to develop an outstanding reputation as an industry leader. There are many reasons you will want our team of experts to manage your knock down rebuild project

  • We have a great range of homes with flexible designs you’ll love
  • All our homes are built to an outstanding quality
  • Our building process are time efficient
  • We work with a team of skilled experts
  • We can arrange the demolition of your existing home
  • We manage the whole process from design to completion
  • Our strong financial position means you can rely on us
  • Our owner Peter Kulakovski is involved in every new build we undertake.

The stages of a knock down rebuild in Sydney

So, what is involved in tearing down your house and building anew?

Here is an outline of the key stages for the knock down rebuild process:

Stage 1:

Understand your block of land

Once you know for sure that you can demolish your existing home, you need to understand your individual block of land. There can be impediments like easements, slope of block, existing vegetation, and more. Kurmond Homes has many years of experience and can provide invaluable advice with this stage.

Stage 2:

Choose your design for your brand new home

Before you start considering the design of your new home, think carefully about your family’s requirements. Consider things like the number of people who will be living in the new home, your stage of life, and how you will use your home. Factor in lifestyle choices like working from home, entertaining, and the amount of time you and your family like to spend outdoors.

Kurmond has an extensive range of designs that suit knock down rebuild homes.

A great place to start is to visit our display homes at various locations around Sydney.

Stage 3:

Demolish your existing house

During this stage your existing dwelling will be demolished. Kurmond can organise this for you and incorporate it into your knock down rebuild project or you can hire your own demolition specialist.  Working with our demolition partners we’ll undertake the demolition, apply for a permit, and guide you through the process to arrange the disconnection of services like electricity, gas and internet before it can take place. You should also consider what items can be recycled rather than taken to landfill. Your demolition company can provide advice on this issue.
Stage 4:

Build your new home with Kurmond Homes

The most exciting stage of a knock down rebuild project occurs when we build your new home. You hire Kurmond Homes and then sit back and relax while your dream home takes shape. You get to watch the progress from afar with the peace of mind that comes with hiring an experienced home builder, and then move in when it’s complete. All Kurmond Homes provides a six-year structural guarantee following the completion of your home, which includes building materials and a 13-week maintenance after-care service.

Contact the knock down rebuild specialists

You can trust our  knock down rebuild builders to provide the best advice and guidance for your new home.

Call our knock down rebuild specialists about your dream home – 1300 764 761.


Knockdown Rebuild

My husband and I started to plan our knockdown rebuild back around April 2021. During this time we visited many display homes and builders and we ended up choosing to build with Kurmond Homes.
Christine was great, she was always contactable and accommodating to all our needs she also helped and guided us with modifying the Affinity 40.
The colours team at Kurmond Homes Kristen and Morgan helped every step of the way providing great advise and ideas that simplified the selection process for us.
Like everyone else looking to build around this time we had some challenges with COVID it has taken some time to get to the construction stage and we couldn’t be more pleased with our site supervisor Steve.
Steve has so far been exceptional at keeping us in the loop and explaining things for us to better understand the construction process. We could not be happier with our experience so far and look forward to continuing our building journey with Kurmond Homes.
Ray and I are so excited and can’t wait to see our finished home.

July 2023

Jeannette & Ray


Our experience from start to end with our Sales Consultant Mike has been exceptional. He is professional, informative, goes out of his way to keep us up to date, communication excellent. Each step was processed unbelievably quick and he helped us every step of the way to find our dream home and tweak it to how we wanted. It has been an amazing journey so far with Kurmond, we are now in the Pre Construction phase and we are excited as we are now booked for our external colours.
Would definitely recommend Kurmond.

March 2023

Tevita and Ana

Custom build

My wife and I decided to build a secondary residence designed for our daughter and grandson. It had to complement the existing residence but was limited in size by council regulations. Finding a builder prepared to build a design not their own and on the smaller size was not easy until we met Mike for Kurmond. Not only were Kurmond prepared to take on the task but they were enthusiastic. Their systems were more than capable and flexible enough to quickly quote an assist with the DA processes.
Their costings were a pleasant surprise, custom builders usually don’t have the volume to get buying power. All of the selections were very efficient and straight forward. So far it’s been a great experience. Thanks Kurmond.

March 2023

Douglas Brown


It was a great experience working with Kurmond Homes as they provided everything we wanted/needed in our new home and more. The staff and team at Kurmond Homes were very helpful and had great communication with us, they helped every step of the way, simplified what we needed to do on our end so they could do their part and answered all our questions if we had any so that we weren’t left in the dark. In the Pre construction phase the Kurmond team provided us with excellent knowledge and great inputs in order to narrow down our choices in what features we wanted. In the construction phase our site supervisor Dhaval Patel did a tremendous job on keeping us in the loop, helped us with other aspects of the build of what had to be done and explain things for us to better understand. Overall our experience with Kurmond Homes was amazing together with their quality workmanship and pricing, would recommend them to anyone looking to build a home.

January 2023

Dommy S.

Your knock down rebuild questions answered

How long will it take to undertake my knock down rebuild project?

The amount of time it takes to build your new home will depend on many factors, but once your existing dwelling is demolished the build can take from 28 and 36 weeks depending on the complexity of the site and build. There are several issues that can slow down the build timeline. For example, during the design phase if there are several rounds of changes it will take longer than usual, and during the construction phase it can take longer than usual if there is inclement weather or unforeseen delays. 

Can I keep my existing garden, sheds, pool, and more?

Whether you can keep existing structures will depend on their location on the block and whether Kurmond Homes has enough space to build the selected home, while retaining the pool, garden or other items.

Do I need to organise the demolition?

You can organise your own demolition if you’d prefer, or Kurmond Homes can organise the demolition of your existing home as part of the overall knock down rebuild project.

Can I knock down rebuild if I have an existing mortgage?

You will need to contact your financial institution to ensure you can undertake a knock down rebuild under the terms of an existing loan.

Is it better to knock down rebuild or renovate?

In many cases it will be cheaper to knock down and rebuild rather than renovate, and in other situations it is around the same price. The benefit is that you get a brand new home to suit the needs of you and your family.

How much does it cost to demolish a house?

Every project varies in cost. Firstly you need to ascertain if you can demolish your home. Once you’ve established that, you’ll need a permit, and you’ll need to arrange the disconnection of services like electricity, gas and internet before it can take place. We can provide a quote for the demolition as part of a complete knock down rebuild project. Contact us today.

Can I tear down my house and rebuild?

Most existing houses can be demolished and rebuilt. However, there are exceptions like heritage listings and overlays so you need to check with the relevant authorities first. You also need to check the zoning of your land to ensure you can build the new home you desire. Kurmond Homes can provide advice on how you undertake these initial checks.

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