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Your family's needs change as the years go by, and often that means your home has to change also. One of the more common family adjustments these days is the need to have a grandparent move from their home into yours.


Changing Times Can Change Your Home

Your family’s needs change as the years go by, and often that means your home has to change also. One of the more common family adjustments these days is the need to have a grandparent move from their home into yours. This move can be a big change for everyone; however, it need not be a source of chaos in your living arrangements, assuming that you can provide a comfortable and homey space for the new addition.

Naturally, every adult who is part of your household expects and deserves their independence and privacy. A home design with granny flat included can give every member of the family a sense that they have a separate personal space that they can truly make their own. Granny flat designs may seem like a bit of a luxury to some, but for a growing number of families they are becoming a necessity.

A Place Where Everyone Belongs

The decision to move another person into your family home could be based on their need or yours. Maybe an older relative needs a little extra assistance with tasks these days, or perhaps they are just in need of a bit more companionship. Maybe you have decided that your family needs a live-in babysitter in order to juggle the demands of work and home. Your adult child may have trouble finding affordable housing after they finish their education. Whatever your motivation may be, our granny flat designs can make everyone in the family feel right at home. We are happy to help you find a flat design which offers the space and features that will accommodate all of the members of your household.

At Kurmond Homes, we have granny flats designs in Sydney that homeowners can feel proud to own and proud to share. Our modern yet warm floor plans will make it easier for you to welcome an aging family member onto your property or to take on a live-in nanny or housekeeper to help lighten your load. Your family’s needs are our top priority when we set out to help you create an addition that fits your needs as well as your budget. The flexibility of our designs combined with the skill of our team means no one in your family has to sacrifice their comfort.

Exactly What You Need

Perhaps you are questioning whether a project of this size is necessary for you. You may wonder whether you can meet your requirements by adding just one more bedroom, or perhaps adding an en suite bath to an already existing bedroom. Will that be enough to make the new member of your household feel at home? Consider that a grandparent who’s downsizing from a home of their own is probably not going to feel that even the most comfortable bedroom quite replaces all that they are giving up. You can start with one of our double story house plans at a jumping off point, and our expert team will work with you to help create the ideal refuge for every family member. With one of our granny flat designs in Sydney, families can give everyone a genuine sense of having their own living space, including room for lounging, eating and pursuing favourite pastimes.

There comes a time when your living arrangements may need some modification in order to continue to be suitable for how your family wants to live and work. A home design with granny flat option can be the right style of modification for many families. At Kurmond Homes, we have the design know-how and construction experience to help you make your home fit your family and your budget.

For more information on how we can help you achieve the home design that works best for you, please visit our Contact Us page.

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