Stages of a Knock Down Rebuild You Can’t Afford to Ignore
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Why should you consider knocking down and rebuilding your home? There are plenty of reasons why you’d choose this option. In many situations, it is better to knockdown and rebuild, rather than renovate because it is cheaper, and you get exactly the finished house that you want.

The knockdown rebuild cost is often less because, with builders of new homes, you can take advantage of the economies of scale by building a project home. Renovations are nearly always one-off building projects and often involve unexpected costs.

But more than the cost of tearing down your house and building a new one, you get to stay in a neighbourhood you and your family know and love while building your dream home. Before you start you need to understand the steps involved and you need to find a builder that is a knockdown rebuild specialist, and then choose the one that best suits your needs.

The four stages of to knock down and rebuild

So, what is involved in the knockdown rebuild process?

Like many things in life, there are steps you need to take to ensure your block of land is feasible for knockdown rebuild homes.

You need to check with authorities, understand your particular block of land, choose a design, demolish your home, and then build your new home. Here is a basic outline of those stages:

Check with authorities whether you can knock down your house and rebuild

The first question you need to answer is can I tear down my house and rebuild? For most people, the answer is yes, but there are exceptions.

You need to know if your house is heritage-listed or has a heritage overlay. Your local council or other government authority should be able to provide that information.
You also need to check the zoning of your property to ensure you can build the home you want on your block. There is useful information to be found on the Services NSW website.

Stage 1: Understand your block before you tear down and rebuild

Once you’ve established that you can definitely demolish your existing home, you need to know about your individual block of land. What other impediments exist like easements, slope of the block, vegetation, and more?

A builder who has experience with a knockdown rebuild project will be able to help with both these steps so you don’t waste time getting too far down the track with an unsuitable block.

Stage 2: Choose a design before undertaking a knock down rebuild in Sydney

The next step is a fun one. You need to choose a design for your new home.

Before you start considering the look of your new home, think carefully about your requirements. How many people will be living in the new home? What is their stage of life? Will you be working from home? Do you like to entertain? Do you like to eat outdoors? By answering these types of questions, you’ll create a list of requirements to incorporate.
The next step for many people is to visit display homes like the ones Kurmond Homes has at various locations around Sydney.

Stage 3: Demolish your house – let the fun start!

Now it’s time to demolish your existing home. Your builder might incorporate the demolition into the project and undertake every step to demolish your home and rebuild it, or you may need to organise it.

Either way, you’ll need a permit to undertake the demolition, and you’ll need to disconnect services like electricity, gas and internet before it can take place.

You should also consider what items can be recycled rather than take to landfill. Your demolition company can provide advice about recycling building materials.

Stage 4: New home build

Now that you’re done with tearing down a house and building a new one, without a doubt, the most exciting stage of any knock down rebuilds, is building a home. In most cases, you’ll hire a builder like Kurmond Homes and sit back and relax while it takes shape.

You get to watch the progress from afar and then move into your brand-new home when it’s complete.

Advantages of knock down rebuild homes

If you love your current community, replacing your existing home on the same block of land could be very appealing to you and your family. Imagine if instead, you moved to the outer suburbs of your current city. You might need to find new jobs, new schools, new local services, and move away from friends and family.

You can build a home to suit your lifestyle much more than your existing home. This could involve several generations of your family to incorporate multi-generation or dual living spaces. By involving other family members, you can also pool your resources to build the new home.

And if you’re concerned about the knockdown rebuild cost, you might be pleasantly surprised when you put your budget together. Not only can it be cheaper than renovating, but it will almost certainly improve the resale value of your property and future-proof your investment.

Contact us about your Knockdown rebuild Sydney

Kurmond Homes are experienced knockdown and rebuild specialists and can provide advice about your knockdown rebuild project. If you’re ready to demolish and rebuild your house, we can help because we’ve knocked down and rebuilt hundreds of homes.

As Knock down rebuild specialists, Kurmond has built new homes all over the greater Sydney area after demolition has taken place.To discover more about knocking down your existing home and rebuilding with Kurmond Homes, please contact us today or visit one of our display homes.

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