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Custom Home Builder Sydney

Have you always dreamed of creating your very own customised home? The moment you walk in the door, everything is as you always wanted, from colours and materials to features and layout. Well, with Kurmond Homes, your dream becomes reality.

While we create new homes based on our many designs all over Sydney and beyond, we also customise those designs. Plus, we create brand-new custom-designed homes from scratch.

The level of customisation is up to you.

Why choose a tailor-made home?

We all want our dream home to be a one-off that perfectly matches our family’s lifestyle. Through customisation, we can help you create just that.

And it doesn’t need to be expensive. We can work within your budget and ensure you get your perfect tailor-made home.

The term custom home can mean different things to different people. It can range from making minor changes to one of our designs to making significant changes or creating a fully customised home from scratch.

When you take one of our designs and make minor or major changes, we call that a customised home. When we start with a blank sheet of paper and design your new home, we call that a custom-designed home.


Customised home – modifying standard designs

Some volume builders consider a customised home to be one where you choose different fittings and fixtures within the nominated inclusions package. At Kurmond Homes, customisation means much more than that.
A minor customisation might be making your walk-in wardrobe larger, extending your ensuite bathroom to accommodate a bidet, or splitting your island bench in the kitchen into two smaller benches. In these types of modifications, the layout remains very similar to the original design.

Major modifications include moving rooms within the layout. Perhaps you’d rather your master bedroom be at the rear of your home to improve the view or aspect, so you move it from the front. Maybe the bathroom needs to be relocated, so plumbing must be considered. Or you might like aspects of three standard designs and want to mash them together.

Most of our clients at Kurmond Homes make some modifications to suit their lifestyles and needs better, and the cost increases in line with the amount of modification made.

We can modify any of our designs to suit your needs, including single-storey, double-storey, acreage, duplex, granny flat, or dual-living designs.

Custom-designed home – starting with a blank canvas

With a custom-designed home, we begin with a blank canvas and work with you to create your dream home. We will work with your existing plans and modify them to suit, or we can start from scratch.

It begins with a conversation about your needs, wants and dreams. Our experienced team works with you to learn about the style of home, any restrictions your land may present, and much more. Ultimately, we draw up the plans, apply for approvals, and build your fantastic home.

As an experienced boutique-sized home builder at Kurmond, our processes are streamlined to build high-quality homes efficiently. We do this by drawing on our in-house team of skilful tradespeople and tapping into our network of trusted suppliers. Together, we bring your vision to life.

Couple looking at brochures for design ideas to renovate or rebuild.

The four phases of custom home process

As experienced bespoke home builders in Sydney, we follow a well-tested process for all our projects. Here is a summary of our custom home design process:

1. Discussion and planning for your tailor-made home
It starts with a conversation where we ask all the right questions to understand your needs and wants. We also get to know your block of land and its unique requirements. At the end of this stage, we’ll thoroughly understand your vision, budget and timeline.

2. Concept development
This is when we draw up the plans, which we expect to revise many times before we get it just right. We’ll also talk about the budget and other requirements for the project.

At the end of this stage, you’ll have detailed architectural and engineering plans for approval. A detailed project budget includes materials, labour, permits, and contingencies.

3. Pre-construction
Now we get to discuss the all-important interiors of your new home. Our experienced interior designers guide you through the process of choosing colours, finishes, fittings and more.

We’ll have a detailed plan for interior and exterior finishes, fittings and more by the end of this stage. We’ll also order construction materials, hire subcontractors and obtain necessary permits and approvals from local authorities.

4. Construction
Now, the fun begins when we start the construction phase of your custom-designed home.

During the construction phase, we’ll schedule regular site visits with our senior supervisor so you can watch the vision unfold step-by-step. And when you’re not on-site, we’ll keep you in the loop with regular updates and reports.

The most exciting part of this stage is when we hand over your new home.

Why choose custom home builders Kurmond Homes

There are many reasons you and your family can trust Kurmond Homes to deliver your ideal custom-built home.

  • Options to customise – we can tailor any of our designs to suit your needs, including layout changes, different facades, or a multitude of upgrades.
  • Award-winning home builders in Sydney – multiple awards, including the 2022 Master Builders Association National and NSW for Excellence in Building and Construction Awards.
  • Exceptional quality – we build the best quality and value homes on the market and offer outstanding quality inclusions & upgrades.
    Knock down rebuild specialists – many years of experience demolishing and rebuilding a custom home on your block.
  • Custom-duplex builders – we’ve developed a reputation for creating duplex homes with customisation from minor modifications to starting with a blank sheet of paper.
  • Six-year structural guarantee & 13-week maintenance aftercare service – provided on every home we build.
  • High-quality brands – we partner with the best home suppliers in Sydney.
  • Australian family-owned business – led by owner Peter Kulakovski, we choose to be a boutique-sized Sydney custom home builder, so we still deliver the personal touches and are large enough to build economically and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are custom homes?

A custom home or custom-designed home can be any new home with a level of customisation from small tweaks to an existing home design to a full custom-designed home planned from scratch.

Do custom homes cost more?

Your new home’s customisation level will affect the project’s overall cost, but building a bespoke home can be cost-effective and affordable for many homeowners. Kurmond Homes builds customised homes where the set home designs are modified right up to fully custom-designed dwellings, and the cost will be based on the size, the materials, and the build timeline.

How do I find a good custom home builder in Sydney?

Award-winning builders, Kurmond Homes construct custom homes throughout the greater Sydney area and beyond. Kurmond has years of experience building homes with everything from minor modifications of standard designs to fully customised homes built from scratch.

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