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If you have a piece of property and are looking to build a home, you should consider investing in a duplex home instead of a single-family.

A duplex will maximise the potential of your land. Since it does not require subdivision, as two separate homes would, the biggest advantage of building a duplex is the ability to get a high rate of return on your investment quickly and easily.

1. Why Should You Build a Duplex?

A duplex is a home for two families that shares a common wall. Usually, there are separate driveways and gardens, as well as other amenities that you would not expect to share with your neighbour. When a duplex house design is well-executed each family will enjoy nearly as much privacy as you would have in a single-family home.

By building a duplex you afford yourself the opportunity to live in one half of the house, while the other half is occupied by tenants who pay you rent. That rent payment will pay most or all of your mortgage payments in this market, making your duplex not only your home but an income-generating investment as well.

Investing in a home will probably be the biggest purchase you will ever make. Choosing to use your funds to build a duplex, which will generate income as well as appreciate in value over time, is an excellent way to leverage your investment to be as profitable as possible.

In order to feel confident in your decision, you should work with the best duplex home builders Sydney has to offer. By working with a trusted builder like Kurmond Homes you can be sure that you are in safe hands, and that your investment dreams will become a reality with as little fuss as possible.

3. How Do I Choose the Right Duplex Plan to Build?

Choosing your duplex house design is a big decision. You will want to consider how you will use your home and garden, how much privacy you would like or can accommodate, how your building site is situated and what design will work best on your property. When faced with choosing duplex designs Sydney builders trust Kurmond Homes to have the best plans and provide the most attention to detail. Consult with them before you build to see what will work best for your goals and building site. Whether they choose to consider single-storey or double-storey house plans Sydney investors find designs that exceed their expectations, and so will you.

4. Is the Building Process Difficult?

Building a home is not difficult if you work with a full-service firm that handles all the details for you. In order to choose the best duplex home builders Sydney investors rely on Kurmond Homes to make the process as painless as possible. From start to finish, Kurmond is a family-owned business that can make the home of your dreams a reality. Building your home is easy when you have the right experts to help you.

5. Is Building a Duplex Expensive?

While building a duplex will cost more than building a single-family home, your return on investment will make up the difference quickly. After the rent you collect has paid for the difference in building costs, with every rent cheque you collect you will be generating income for yourself, unlike investors who choose to build a single-family home.

Invest in your future by building a duplex with Kurmond Homes.

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