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The decision to build a new home is the first step on an exciting journey. It’s the start of something new and significant in your life, where your dream of the home you always wanted becomes a reality.

To make that journey as smooth as possible, it’s important to be familiar with the steps that need to be taken during the homebuilding process. The government has outlined the steps, and we discuss those steps here for you. And remember, the friendly team at Kurmond is always happy to help you along the way and ensure the homebuilding process is enjoyable and rewarding.

Choose your builder

Let’s assume you have chosen and purchased a site for your new home. You have the finance approved and lined up somewhere to live while the home is being built. The first step you need to take is to choose a homebuilder.

Many people choose a builder based on the home designs they have in their portfolio.

Kurmond Homes offers a great variety of styles:

  • Single storey
  • Double storey
  • Narrow lots
  • Acreage homes
  • Dual living
  • Duplex
  • Granny flat
  • Split level

You can visit one of our display homes sites to see selected styles in person or take a virtual tour via our website.

Blocks come in different sizes and shapes and uneven levels. So, it’s possible that there will need to be adjustments to a design you choose. Kurmond Homes designs are highly customisable so we can include your ideas. We are also happy to work off your own plan.

At Kurmond Homes, we provide you with customised preliminary plans and discuss your budget to avoid unexpected surprises.

The next step is to establish a relationship with a builder and get to know their building process.

The builder should be reliable, experienced, and financially sound. You need to feel comfortable entrusting a builder to construct your dream home. Speaking with previous clients is a great way you can gain insight into the builder.

You should check the sustainability credentials of the builder. This is for environmentally friendly purposes, but also for your personal safety, as poor choices by a builder could affect the land you live on and even your health.

Sign the contract

Once you are happy with your choice of builder, the plans, and costs, it’s time to sign the contract. Have your solicitor check it to ensure you are fully aware of your obligations and those of your builder.

Kurmond Homes will take care of all the final compliance arrangements and necessary reports and manage all the administration such as Council Approvals and Certificates.

Our Customer Service team is there when you need them and will keep you informed throughout the process.

One of the most popular parts of homebuilding is when you get to choose interior design features. This is where you are adding your personality to the home. The Kurmond Colour Studio will help you during this process, helping you through these decisions.

Knockdown rebuilding?

If you have chosen to knockdown and rebuild, you need to find a company who will demolish the house and remove the debris, including the responsible removal of hazardous materials. Kurmond Homes can recommend experienced demolishers who will do the job in a responsible manner.

Building your home

The exciting part begins here, with commencement of the physical building. This is where your dream starts to really take shape.

The steps at this stage of production are:

Site preparation: Ensure land is cleared to allow for the construction to begin.

Foundation laying: The first stages of construction of the building.

Exterior: Work is done on the exterior, including walls and roofing.

Interior: The interior collateral is installed, such as cabinets and wardrobes, paint, and flooring.

Fixtures: Getting to the detail, such as taps and shower fittings, lights, and installation of appliances. Landscaping might also be done at this stage.

Final touches: Those final things that might include small changes and minor details.

The time can vary greatly, and unforeseen circumstances can affect timing, such as weather and availability of materials and contractors. With our experience and guarantee of supply, Kurmond Homes can have your home built quickly without compromising quality in any way.

With Kurmond Homes, you have a personal Site Supervisor who will keep you informed of every exciting milestone and guide you on walkthroughs so you can monitor the progress of your home as it comes to life.

Kurmond Homes will take care of all the inspections and certifications required by law as building progresses.

Once your home is complete, you are given the keys to your brand-new home, and you can see the finished product. You will receive a copy of the warranties and a written authority from the builder that the home is completed and ready to move into.

The relationship you have with Kurmond Homes doesn’t end there. We provide ongoing support and advice right through your warranty period.

Your home is a big investment and choosing a builder is a major decision that affects the building process. It’s comforting to know that Kurmond Homes is a safe and secure family company with years of homebuilding experience. We understand the homebuilding journey, the emotions you will be feeling and your expectations. With Kurmond, you will be continually consulted and updated throughout the building process.

When you’re ready to talk to a builder about a new home, contact the friendly team at Kurmond Homes and we’ll build the home you’ll love. For more ideas and inspiration, you can also visit the Kurmond Homes display homes at Box Hill, Leppington, Leppington Living and Marsden Park.

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