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Are you searching for a new home but can’t seem to find the one that ticks all your boxes? You’re in the right place.

A custom build is the concept of designing your home to mirror your lifestyle and personal taste, and it’s a speciality here at Kurmond Homes. This could involve modifications to an existing Kurmond floor plan or starting entirely afresh.

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Just think about turning that key for the first time and stepping into a home that is completely, perfectly ‘you’ and reflects how you and your family want to live. Life-changing sounds dramatic, but that’s what the right house can be. Here we discover four benefits of building a custom home that can lead to a whole new way of living.

1. Optimise your floorplan with a bespoke home design

A custom floor plan allows you to future-proof your home. If you have a growing family, consider a retreat for your teenagers. If you love to have guests stay, why not opt for an ensuite in your spare bedroom? If you are after an extra income, perhaps adding a granny flat to rent out is the solution. The possibilities are endless!

Starting with a blank canvas also provides the opportunity to design a home that accommodates your priorities and reflects your lifestyle. At Kurmond, we begin the process by asking questions such as: What are practical choices for your family? What will make entertaining easier? What is important to your culture? These answers determine the heart of the home and will result in a floor plan authentically tailored to your family’s needs.

The most exciting part of customising your floor plan is the opportunity to integrate indulgent features you have always dreamed of. Whether it’s a butler’s pantry, large alfresco or sunroom, this is your chance to fully embrace life’s little luxuries.

The Kurmond team are dedicated to guiding you through every stage of concept refinement and size specifications until you are satisfied with your floor plan. Our aim is to achieve a seamless flow with maximum space efficiency in your custom home design.

2. Add your own creative flair with a personalised home design

We all have our unique style, which is why a project-built home with a set-in-stone design can feel restrictive. Injecting your creativity into the look of your new home not only adds character but also makes it one of a kind. From the inside out, your bespoke home design should reflect your personality and taste.

Selecting the style of your custom home involves making choices on the significant architectural staples, such as the walls, roof, and flooring, right down to the finer details, like the kitchen splashback, door handles, and architraves.

While exciting, this freedom can also be overwhelming. Our colour studio experts are available to help you select the right design choices to fulfil your desired home aesthetic. The vision is yours—we are here to bring it to life!

3. Incorporate energy-efficient features in a custom home design

Make energy-efficient design choices in your custom home to save the planet and your bank account. By considering features such as solar, insulation, double glazing, efficient lighting, and water-saving devices, you can save hundreds of dollars on energy bills without compromising the comfort of your home. As specialists in energy-efficient home designs, Kurmond will evaluate your home specifically to maximise sustainability and reduce costs.

Additionally, investing in an energy-efficient home design adds long-term value. Property buyers are increasingly seeking energy-efficient homes, meaning you will have a higher resale rate than the real estate average.

Kurmond ensures every custom home build adheres to the National Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) standards. To incentivise this, we are currently offering a New Home Promotion where new home buyers can recieve over $10k worth of energy-efficient upgrades.

4. A custom-build journey is flexible and collaborative

With your design at the centre, the Kurmond team are here to ensure a smooth journey from concept development to handover. Here’s a quick overview of the building process.

Stage 1: It all begins with a detailed conversation so we are aligned with your vision, budget, and timeline. We then commence concept development, draw up your custom floor plan, and quote within your budget.

Stage 2: The next step is choosing your home’s interior and exterior design details so we can order quality materials accordingly.
Stage 3: The final and most exciting stage is construction, where you can slowly see your design brought to life by our quality home builders. Next thing you know, you’ll be walking through the doors of your very own custom home!

Partner with Kurmond to make your dream home a reality

Buying a new home is a significant financial investment, and we firmly believe you should not have to compromise on a home design that fails to meet all your requirements. Opting for a custom build with Kurmond ensures your new home design incorporates all your desires and necessities, adheres to your set budget and is built at the highest quality.

As award-winning home builders in Sydney, you can rely on us to build your custom home to the highest standard. Your satisfaction is paramount, and we won’t settle until you are confident your home design will provide enduring contentment and value. You’re in the hands of an expert team with over 15 years of experience building custom home designs.

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