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If you are in the market for buying a new home in Australia, congratulations. This is an exciting time, and the more information you can gather, the better-informed your decision making will be. When it comes to home buying, it is smart to do as much research as possible. A house is a major investment, often the largest one many people ever make. As such, you should spend significant time thinking about what you really want.

A good place to start your home buying brainstorming session is by thinking about all the house inclusions that you want to have in your new home. For example, are you someone who spends a lot of time cooking in the kitchen, or is relaxing together with loved ones in a family room where you prefer to be? For some inspiration, consider these top seven solid features of an ideal house.

1. Tall Ceilings

Whether you love having tall Christmas trees or you just appreciate lots of open space, having a tall ceiling can be one of the most welcoming features of any home. Ideally, ceilings of at least nine feet create a much more expansive experience than those that are only eight feet. Over the years, an increasing number of Australians have shown a preference for tall ceilings.

2. Energy Efficiency

Without a doubt, green features are also hot on most homebuyers’ home inclusions list. Whether you want to try out solar panels or invest in one of many other ways to live “green” at home as self-sufficiently as possible, energy efficiency is a noble and increasingly common priority in home buying considerations.

3. Outdoor Living Space

If you are someone who needs to get outside on a regular basis for a breath of fresh air, then having an outdoor living space may be another must-have characteristic of any house you decide to buy. Think about the outdoor activities you enjoy most. Whether it is gardening, swimming, hammocking or relaxing on a porch, find or create a yard that will match.

4. Low-Maintenance Exterior

When working with new house builders Sydney, many future homeowners express concerns about the future maintenance of their house’s exterior. For this reason, building or buying a home with a low-maintenance exterior is another smart move. By matching the exterior with the amount of work you can commit to maintaining it, you will be able to have a home that fits your needs.

5. Single Level

Do you have a preference for the number of levels in your home? If so, you are not alone. While there are many amazing split level home designs Sydney to choose from, some people lean toward single-level designs because of mobility concerns. Either way, both designs tend to be more favorable in terms of both maintenance and practicality than multi-level homes.

6. Southern Facing Windows

To reduce heating and cooling costs, another item on your list of must-have house inclusions should be southern facing windows. Because this setup allows for more sunlight, it helps keep homes warmer. If you really want to boost your environmental friendliness, consider adding these alongside the use of solar panels.

7. Security

Another priority on many people’s home inclusions list is security. Think about aspects both inside and outside of your control. For example, you can install security cameras or put up a fence, but the surrounding neighborhood may be another factor outside of your control. When working with new house builders Sydney, pay attention to the land size and consider what may surround you in the future on other plots.

By thinking about the features you want in your future home, you can increase your chances of creating the perfect living space. Grab a pen and notebook to start brainstorming, and use this list as inspiration.

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