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Duplexes are gaining popularity with homeowners and investors looking for premium homes suitable for families. Buyers can purchase a duplex, move into one side and make money by renting the other side. Unlike off-site landlords, a duplex owner can make repairs and maintain the property without excessive delays or travel time. Duplex builders have designed their units with families in mind, and you can examine some of the exceptional family-oriented designs in the following sections.

Richmond 50

Available in Modern and Traditional exterior styling, the two-story Richmond 50 duplex features four bedrooms and three bathrooms in each unit ideal for a growing family. The downstairs living room and family room are designed around a U-shaped kitchen, and the upstairs bedrooms are situated near a relaxing sitting area. With a one-car garage and private alfresco area, the Richmond 50 is perfect for owners and their tenants.


The Oak duplex house design has three different options: New Hampshire, Corporate and Traditional. The three-bedroom, two-story property features a wide-open floor plan with a spacious master bedroom. A centrally located staircase leads to the upstairs bedrooms, and the large living area in the rear of the house opens to alfresco for spending some time away from the crowd. The garage is located next to an IT nook with easy access to the staircase.

Redleaf 40

Whether you choose the Traditional or Modern Redleaf 40 design, you’re sure to love the elegant styling, ample storage and practical floorplan. Each unit is a one-story home with three bedrooms, a one-car garage and two baths. A modern media room provides hours of entertainment in the centre of the property, and the large family room located at the rear of the unit opens to an alfresco for cooking out and relaxing.

Norfolk 52

The Norfolk 52 is available in Traditional, Modern, Classic and Ultra-modern designs. The spacious duplex is ideal for parents who enjoy spending time with the family during the day and escaping to the privacy of the master bedroom upstairs. Each of the four bedrooms is located on the second floor, and the first level is reserved for the living room, dining room, kitchen and family room. The family room leads to a private alfresco for entertaining and relaxing.

Lennox 48

If you’re looking for a modern duplex house design intended for narrow blocks, Lennox 48 is the perfect duplex. The dual home features a unique architectural design with three full-sized bedrooms, a private alfresco, a one-car garage and a large living area. The downstairs includes the living room, dining room and family room, and the upstairs offers two large bedrooms and an impressive master bedroom. The floorplan utilises the available space cleverly with an artistic touch.

Forest Glen 52

Featuring mirror image units with modern appeal, the Forest Glen 52 is an intelligent investment and luxurious home. The four-bedroom, two-story home is divided into separate living and sleeping zones. The downstairs includes a compact study, powder room, living room, kitchen and family room that leads to an indoor/outdoor fresco. The upstairs houses three full-size bedrooms and a large master bedroom. The Forest Glen 52 is the ultimate in style and comfort.

Castlereagh 46

The Castlereagh 46 features a stunning two-story floor plan that places the guest bedroom on the lower level, with the upstairs reserved for a generous master bedroom and two full-sized bedrooms. The downstairs has the kitchen, dining and family rooms together in the rear of the unit and a hallway leading to the living room on the other side. Wide sliding doors open to a private alfresco.

Kensington 46

With the upstairs reserved for the four bedrooms, the Kensington 46 offers a roomy lower level for spending time with loved ones. The spacious family room opens, with impressive sliding doors, to a massive alfresco with two access points to the dining room. The front of the house includes a study next to the living room.

Duplex Designs Sydney

Whichever design suits your family’s needs, each duplex utilises space intelligently and provides areas for family activities and private time. Contact Kurmond Homes for professional builders who specialise in modern-styled duplexes for growing families.

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