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Many Australians dream of escaping the city and building a home in the country – a nice big house on a nice big block, i.e. an acreage home. According to statistics, many Australians are fulfilling that dream of living on a lifestyle property.

But how do you go about building your dream acreage home? What considerations do you need? How do you ensure the acreage home you’re building lives up to your expectations?

What is an acreage home?

An acreage home is a house set on a large block of land, usually in rural areas, such as on the outskirts of Sydney or beyond.

An acreage home provides a great lifestyle for anyone yearning for peace and seclusion, space, and proximity to a natural setting.

With a modern acreage home, you can have larger rooms and living spaces with plenty of room for your family to grow. You can enjoy the peace and quiet of living removed from traffic, neighbours, and other noises that come with city and suburban living. You can also enjoy the views and surrounding environment associated with rural living, such as green spaces, rivers, wildlife, and a clear night sky.

How to build an acreage home

First and foremost, it’s essential to choose a builder with ample experience in building acreage homes. That’s why Kurmond Homes is an ideal choice. Kurmond has a great range of excellent acreage home designs to choose from, as well as extensive experience in the physical building of homes of acreage size beyond suburban precincts.

A good builder will analyse your needs and wants to develop the best design. They will also consider the environment, and how to maximise the benefits of the landscape, such as views and aspect, and minimise threats from possible extremes, such as bushfires, high winds, and flooding.

Another early consideration when building an acreage property is to check with the local council on any restrictions there are on your block. There could be planning rules that could affect the design of the home you are thinking of building.

Common considerations when building an acreage home

There are many considerations when building an acreage home. Here we look at some of the more common things to consider:

Access for vehicles – Tradies, people delivering building materials and equipment, among others, will need to visit the property while the home is being built, and will need safe access.

Water, power, and sewerage – It’s important to consider the access your home will have to water, power and sewerage, as you might need to allow for the cost and time of connection, or consider what alternatives are possible.

Aspect of light and shade – The floorplan should be designed to keep the house warm in winter and cool in summer, as well as maximise natural light.

Views – You should maximise your views and enjoy the visual aesthetics of the surroundings. For example, you might choose large windows and glass doors to give you the best view.

Landscape and slope of land – Your house needs to be built to avoid problems that could arise from the natural surroundings.

Drainage – Water should drain away from the house.

Bush – The BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) should be determined and the risk of bushfires reaching the home should be minimised.

Wind direction – The home design should capture the benefits of a cool breeze yet be able to withstand a strong wind.

Green spaces – What do you plan to do with your land? Considerations should be given to your personal desires for the outside space, such as whether you want a garden, and whether you plan to have pets.

Maximise energy efficiency – Modern homes should be designed to be energy efficient. This includes using energy-saving devices for the home that will save you money.

Home maintenance – A larger house and property generally means more maintenance. To mow the lawn, for example, you might need a ride-on mower.

Proximity of neighbours – How much do you like isolation?

Distance of travel to essential services – How far are schools, medical services, churches, grocery outlets, etc? You might have to allow extra time for travel.

Family and future needs – Families change over time – children grow older and move away from the nest. Will the home still serve your purposes in five years’ time?

Use of space – What do you and your family enjoy? How much space will you allocate to bedrooms and private spaces? With a large house, you could have a large entertaining areas and activity spaces like a home gym or theatre.

Kitchen space – If you love to cook and entertain, the kitchen could be the central hub of your home.

Entertaining space – Do you want to entertain? Ensure you have the space for inside and outdoor entertaining.

Living spaces – Indoors and outdoors, you will want to make the most of your beautiful big home.

Work area – Will you be working from home? You will want a quiet and private area so you’re undisturbed. Would you like a workshop, shed or large garage?

Storage – Do you need storage spaces? Do you need a shed? How many cars will be going in your garage?


The dream of owning an acreage home is becoming a reality for more Australians who are escaping the city for the peace and relaxed lifestyle of rural living. When building an acreage home, it’s important to choose a builder with a good range of designs and plenty of experience in the category. Kurmond Homes is an award-winning builder with extensive experience in building acreage homes. The Kurmond team will guide you along the way to ensure the acreage home you dream of is the home you open the door to.

Contact the Kurmond team about building an acreage home by calling us on 1300 764 761 or send through an enquiry. You’re also welcome to visit one of our display villages at Box Hill or Marsden Park.

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