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Do you dream of a tree change to a rural setting or the outskirts of the city? You’re not alone. Acreage living grew in popularity during the COVID pandemic and continues to appeal to people escaping city life.

And it’s not surprising, because acreage homes provide many benefits to home owners who yearn to live with space around them to spread their wings.

Benefits of owning acreage

Whether you’re looking for a quieter life, space to build your dream home, or a more relaxed lifestyle, owning acreage has many benefits.

At Kurmond Homes, we offer a range of acreage home designs. Our acreage home customers shared the following benefits of rural life that attracted them.

Homes on acreage can be larger

With a larger piece of land, you have space to build a grander home with a bigger footprint. Acreage house designs tend to be single-storey because there is no need to save space, which means fewer stairs to climb and everything located conveniently on one level.

You can still split your home into different zones to separate your living, entertaining, guest and living areas, but there’s no need to build several storeys to fit them in.

A larger home can also take advantage of the northern aspect and allow more natural light into your home.

The Kurmond Homes Mirage 66, our flagship house design for acreage is a great example of a deluxe home. It exudes luxury, style and an abundance of space on a grand scale.

Loads of space with acreage living

With a larger home and land area comes extra space. That means you have more room for all family members to have their own areas. You can also incorporate loads of storage to keep everything neat and tidy.

And that space extends beyond your home. You have extra space for sheds for storage, workspace, hobby areas and more.

Rural living means more privacy

Gaining extra space with acreage living means you have greater privacy and peace and quiet. Even on a one-acre lot, you can build a home away from your neighbours and use landscaping to screen them off.

You can still make friends with your neighbours, but they won’t be gazing through your windows and listening to your conversations whenever you walk out the backdoor.

More alfresco options with country living

Outdoor living areas are also larger in an acreage dwelling. You have space for outdoor areas that incorporate dining and lounge areas, outdoor fires, swimming pools and more.

There’s also plenty of room for gardens, both edible and decorative. Maybe a hobby farm is more your style to utilise the extra space.

Homes with acreage provide dual living options

Multi-generation homes are gaining popularity in NSW as property prices continue to increase. An acreage lot has space for dual occupancy, including dual living homes, separate granny flats or even more than one full-sized home on your acreage block.

At Kurmond, we can help you build a custom acreage home to suit your whole family, both now and in the future.

Improved air quality with acreage homes

Breathe in that excellent country air. Having your own wide open space means you and your family enjoy improved air quality.

Living on acreage lots also brings you closer to nature. This means more trees, more wild animals and natural water sources.

Property value potential with acreage homes in NSW

By owning acreage land, particularly on the outskirts of a major city, your future potential property value increase is greater. As the city grows, greenfield land is required for new home buyers, and you may benefit from the increased land prices.

Contact us today to learn more about building an acreage home

As builders specialising in acreage homes, we have a range of existing designs and can also create a custom home to suit your acreage property.

As acreage home builders, Kurmond Homes provides everything you need to create your dream home. Our expert team provides advice from initial design ideas to completion.

To discover more about building with Kurmond Homes, please get in touch with us today or visit one of our display homes.

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