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After the resurgence of the housing market post-pandemic, we find ourselves in a seller’s market. Purchasing a home during a seller’s market is not necessarily a poor choice but there are certain provisos you will need to contend with, such as the market price being driven up considerably by demand.

Considering the current market climate, however, it may be more advisable to look at purchasing one of the many exemplary display homes in Sydney. Kurmond Homes has a wide selection of homes ready for your perusal that offer you pricing based on what you get instead of perceived market value. In other words, you get more value for your money and can feel secure in your purchase despite it being a seller’s market.

Reasons Why A Display Home May Be The Perfect Choice For You

Looking at the logic of buying a home, it makes sense to rather opt for buying new construction as opposed to competing with others over scarce real estate and having to contend with potential additional costs to get your property up to standard (definitely a consideration if you are looking at older houses). This is where display homes offer immense value:

  • You get to buy exactly what you see
  • You can save time in finding your perfect home (browse our display homes online to get started!)
  • You get access to modern amenities and building standards
  • You can choose your own lot
  • Lived in homes require immediate upgrades and maintenance
  • You can accurately assess the quality of workmanship
  • You are buying the “best work” since display homes are literally used to attract buyers through their impressive and superior qualities
  • Display homes offer prime locations and well maintained properties
  • Display homes often include top of the range appliances and furniture

Choose Your Home From Kurmond Homes

Started by two brothers, Kurmond Homes is a prime example of passion and dedication coming together to create excellence. We take immense pride in all the homes we create and have even won awards for doing so. If you are interested in our display homes in Sydney, get in touch with us today at 1300 764 761 or by using our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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