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While living in the midst of a bustling city has its perks, more and more people are leaving the asphalt and footpaths behind for a more rural life. Acreage homes are becoming quite popular. These are homes that are built specifically to suit wide-open blocks- they are spacious homes with plenty of room to grow. So what is it about these homes that people are finding so desirable? Here are three reasons that may help you solve that mystery.

The Space

One of the major benefits that acreage home designs offer over more compact designs is the extra space. Acreage homes are wider and more spacious indoors, and may often feature open floor plans. That extra room gives you and your family room to spread out, or even to grow. As an extra benefit, acreage homes often can be renovated or expanded much easier than other home types.

The space benefit doesn’t end at the threshold of your home, either. Acreage homes often come with, well, acreage. The added outdoor space gives you and your family room to roam on nice weather days without having to worry about sharing greenspace with others. When it comes to new home builders Sydney offers many business choices to help you design the perfect space, none of which are more prepared to serve you than Kurmond Homes.

The Flexibility

Many acreage homes are new construction. When you are considering new house builders Sydney specialists Kurmond Homes can serve you from design to build. While new construction requires more of a time commitment than purchasing an already-built home, the flexibility that comes with choosing from new acreage home designs more than makes up for that inconvenience. Some plans even allow for customizations, such as choosing the colour and style of your home’s exterior.

Taking the time to truly make your acreage home your own can turn into a lifetime of happiness within its walls. Working with new home builders Sydney can deliver that without having to move very far away.

The Peace and Quiet

As convenient as it can be to live within walking distance of shops and entertainment in the CBD, the peace and quiet that come with more rural living are without comparison. As can be confirmed by Kurmond and other new house builders Sydney residents are especially eager for a change. You may even be one of them. Acreage lots often come with less traffic noise, more nature sounds, and far fewer noisy neighbours. You and your family can enjoy your alfresco space without having to worry about being disturbed or even being limited by space. You and your guests can sit back, relax, and watch the sun go down from your own little slice of nature.

When it comes to answering the question “why do people buy acreage,” the answer is pretty simple. Buyers are looking for more space, more flexibility, and more peace and quiet in their homes. If that sounds appealing to you, contact Kurmond Homes today to see what peace and happiness they can bring to you and your family.

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