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Do you love your neighbourhood and local community, but don’t love your house? If you answered ‘Yes’, then a knockdown rebuild project could be ideal for you and your family.

If you demolish your current home, and a build a new one, you get to stay living in your community, and you also get a brand new home with modern design features, that’s built to suit your lifestyle.

You already know all your local amenities like shops, schools, doctors, dentists, hairdressers, parks, and much more. By demolishing your existing home and building on the same block you get to stay right where you are in the neighbourhood you know and love. You also don’t need to spend months searching for a new location.

Knockdown rebuild v renovation

Did you know that it can be cheaper, or about the same cost, to knockdown and rebuild than to extensively renovate?

That’s because a renovation is usually a one-off custom job which means you can’t select an existing plan. In many cases, you’ll uncover problems during the renovation that can also add to the cost, such as repairing major structural damage or removing asbestos.

One of the best parts of a knockdown rebuild project rather than a renovation is that you are given a blank canvas. Most start with a cleared block of land, allowing you and your family to choose the best options from the ground up.

Rebuilding on the land you already own also means you can avoid stamp duty – a significant cost with increasing house prices.

Do your research

Before you start setting your sights on the ideal home design, you need to know if you can knockdown and rebuild on your existing block of land. So, your first step should be to contact your local council.

There are no universal rules for knockdown rebuild projects in Sydney and council rules may vary from area to area. There are considerations like zoning, block size, orientation, vegetation, easements, and heritage overlays. There are also different considerations if you’re planning to demolish a single dwelling to be replaced with a duplex.

In the case of heritage overlays, it might mean the house cannot be demolished or you may have to maintain the façade. Plus, there are planning controls around vegetation and tree removal. And the big one, zoning can dictate the height that you’re allowed to build, the density and the number of dwellings that you can put onto the site.

Set a realistic budget

For all home-building projects, one of your first steps should be to prepare a budget, and how you go about it will depend on your situation.

For many, you’ll base your budget on the maximum amount of money you can afford by reviewing your family finances, future earnings, borrowing capacity, and more.

If you’re fortunate enough to be more financially secure, you need to decide how much you are willing to spend on a project. Choose the features you want in your dream home and calculate how much it will cost you.

For a knockdown rebuild project, you need to include the things that come before you start to build your new home, like the demolition of your existing house, site preparation costs, and the fees for permits.

Fortunately, if you use a builder like Kurmond Homes, they will be responsible for managing the budget, which will take a huge weight off your shoulders, but it is something you need to decide how much you can, or are willing to spend before you engage a builder.

Find the right builder

Other than deciding that you’ll knockdown and rebuild on our existing block, the next important decision is hiring your builder.

Finding the right builder to build your dream home is not always easy. There are so many choices, even within a display village, and there are many, many more beyond there.

It’s important to have an idea of the type and style of home you want, and then find a builder that best aligns with your requirements.

A display home village like Homeworld Marsden Park, Homeworld Box Hill, or the new Leppington Living have an array of houses from many builders on display. But you don’t just get to look through potential homes, you get to talk to the companies and find one that best suits your needs and dreams.

If you get several quotes from builders don’t judge them on cost alone. Building a new home is a huge commitment, so you need to be sure the builder is going to deliver your new dream home, not just meet your budget.

How can Kurmond Homes help with a knockdown rebuild project?

Kurmond Homes can provide advice about a knockdown rebuild project.

Building a new home is a major commitment, and it’s good to have an experienced, dependable team like Kurmond by your side.

To discover more about knocking down your existing home and rebuilding with Kurmond Homes, please contact us today or visit one of our display homes.

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