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Building a home on acreage is very different from building on a suburban block, and while some general design trends apply, some particular 2024 home design aspects relate just to homes and acreage.

Acreage home designs were once influenced heavily by country-style exteriors and interiors, but over the past few decades, home designs of all types, from very traditional to ultra-modern, have been constructed on rural blocks.

Some trends we’ve observed as leading acreage home builders include oversized windows to capture more natural light and enjoy the vistas and country-inspired interiors like modern farmhouse design. We’ve also seen an increase in the popularity of vaulted ceilings, larger alfresco areas, using natural materials, and incorporating energy efficiency & sustainability. These are particularly popular in custom-built acreage homes.

Large windows and natural light in acreage homes

Rural living, even if it’s just a few acres on the outskirts of a major city, means you’ll likely have beautiful vistas to take in from your acreage home.

To embrace the natural surroundings, we’ve seen a trend toward large windows that allow light to flood in, coupled with open-plan homes.

Open-plan living maximises using the already expansive space that comes with rural living. By eliminating unnecessary walls, you can create a seamless flow between living areas, fostering family time and taking in the wonderful views of the surrounding natural beauty.

The rise of the modern farmhouse interior

Alongside exterior design trends for homes on acreage are interior design trends, like the popular modern farmhouse. This style combines traditional farmhouse elements with contemporary aesthetics, resulting in a look that is both timeless and sophisticated, perfect for a rural retreat.

The farmhouse interior design style is perfect for a home on acreage. It’s comfortable and practical with a twist of sophistication and is the obvious choice with luxury acreage home designs.

Its neutral colour palette and vintage elements are right at home in any of Kurmond Homes’s country home designs.

Vaulted ceilings in home designs for acreage

Also known as cathedral, raked, barn-style ceilings or rooflines, vaulted ceilings are popular additions to acreage designs.

There are several reasons for this, including allowing in more light, creating an interesting architectural feature, improving ventilation and adding rustic appeal when accented with rafters or battens.

Higher ceilings allow for bigger windows, making your home warmer in summer and cooler in winter. Planned well, vaulted ceilings can create an escape route for rising hot air and, coupled with louvre windows, can significantly improve airflow.

Vaulted ceilings make rooms more interesting, and rafters, beams, or battens enhanced with them can provide rustic appeal, adding charm to your rural getaway.

Larger alfresco areas feature in rural home designs

Like the trend towards larger, more functional outdoor areas in suburban homes, alfresco areas in acreage homes have blossomed. The great part about having more space is the ability to create different zones within an alfresco area for dining, lounging, and taking in the views.

Alfresco areas are designed to seamlessly flow from the inside to the outside for entertaining friends and family and for secluded, comfortable living. Plus, there is a trend towards multiple outdoor areas beyond the standard ‘outdoor room’ concept. With extra space, you can also consider separate outdoor structures like a gazebo or cabana as additional places to escape and relax.

All our standard Kurmond Homes acreage home designs incorporate outdoor living areas, but these can be custom-designed to suit your needs or included in a fully custom-designed acreage home.

Country-inspired homes incorporate natural materials

Inspired by the surrounding natural features, acreage designs increasingly incorporate natural materials like stone, wood, brick and slate. These materials are not restricted to one architectural style, as natural features can be the highlight in modern or traditional designs and everything in between.

Natural building materials create a link to the surroundings on an acreage lot. Many of them are resistant to fire, which is particularly important if your home is near natural bushland.

Homes on acreage with energy efficiency & sustainability

Like other new homes, there is a trend towards improved energy efficiency, sustainability and the use of smart technology.

Most acreage dwellings have more roof space for solar panels and other energy-saving technology. They can more easily incorporate elements like water tanks, water recycling facilities, drought-resistant gardens, and more.

Smart technology also plays an important role in country living where systems controlled by smart technology, like home security, lighting and more, are more a necessity rather than a luxury item.

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